Monday, April 17, 2006 Full Page

Here's just a part, didn't think to get it all. I'll go back:

"Thanks for becoming a member!"

I'll get more in case your password is elsewhere. I just filled in a bunch of random information to get it.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

My Fun Cards Full Page

I had to download a stupid taskbar to get this, but thankfully they have no clue if you uninstall it afterwords. Take two steps forward and one step back, and you're still one step forward. >:-) This helped me unlock "user stats".

"Want even more fun stuff? Add immediate access to one of our other cool tools for a more enhanced web experience.
Create your own highly personalized email signature! Choose from over 300 backgrounds and fonts, edit your layout, text colors and more.
Choose from over 200 stationery backgrounds to add to your outgoing messages - they're all FREE!
Add a stamp (over 400 to choose from!) to your email messages and make a real impression!"

Just find the word you need and type it in the password form. It will be the word after the word shown in the question.

Art Instructions Schools Full Page

Click on the button that says "this one -->" next to Art Instruction Schools.

The page's possibilities...

"Thank you for your request.
The free information will arrive in 7-10 days.
To learn more about Art Instruction Schools, click below."

Just find the word you need and type it in the password form. It will be the word after the word shown in the question.

I just entered in a random address a few blocks away and an guy's phone number that I used to be friends with. This helped me get the "lists I'm on" feature.

Passwords Unlocked

When you click on a feature that says "Unlock", you will be expected to sign up, download, or buy something. This... is a pain in the ass- I know this because I've done these so you guys can get the passwords. Click on "Unlock" so you get to the page with a whole bunch of green buttons to the left side and an orange one at the bottom, with the text this one -->. Clicking "this one -->" will put you through the process of one of those annoying three. Click on any one of them (as long as you see them below in my password list), and type the password it asks for in the right-hand side. This will save you time, storage, RAM, and/or money.

Example: See the one that says "My Fun Cards"? Click the button to the left of that. Then there should be "...a more [password form here] web..." (passwords subject to change, duh). If it says, "... a more [password form here] web..." type in "enhanced", then click the "Submit" button. You will now have access to whatever feature it was that you signed up for.

So, here we go!

April 16th, 2006
∙ "Ringtones" = if question asks "Click 'N [password form]", then password=Pick. (I actually just guessed at this one, luckily, because it was the only thing I could think of that would rhyme, plus it asked you to "pick" ringtones. I didn't have to download anything, and still got the feature I wanted. Adults are not very creative, but they think they're very witty. :-( *shakes head* This helped me get the notepasser feature.)
∙ "Jamster" = if question asks "it to your [password form]", then password=cell. (Not only are adults not very witty, but they also don't seem to be very resourceful. I don't have a cell phone, so I couldn't have downloaded any ringtones to one, so instead I just looked throughout the FAQs and checked every page with the quote "to your" and entered all the following words that came after them. Well, "to your cell phone" was in the FAQ, so I entered "cell", and... imagine that! It worked... :-\ I tell you, adults are so internet-stupid these days...)

April 16th, 2006

Yes, here's "just another blog", nothing special about this. eSpin-the-Bottle is a matchmaking website that is causing more convertions to internet-relying. If you actually have a life and can meet someone of the opposite sex, great, you have no "need" of the eSpin website. Me personally- I do eSpin because it's fun to talk to people and there's tons of people around my age to chat with being most of the people there are very respectful, which is rare on AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, and ICQ. It's not just for teens, though, although the vast majourity is. Just making these statements because I don't want y'all thinking I'm a loser who needs the internet for relationships, like some people. Unoddly, it's just that property that draws so many teens and gathers a community in which I use to just talk with people. However, if you don't have a life and can't get a girl/guy aside from cyberspace, sign up with, type in your zip code, and you can find lots of teens around your neighbourhood that are losers too. Lol, I'm just kidding y'all, I tend to be ornery, that's all. My username, if you're interested in eSpin, is "bobbobbobsowhat". Once you sign up go ahead and do a search for me and send me a message, aight? Also, some parts of eSpin require (wait now, don't let this decide for you just yet, read this all the way through) passwords by signing up for stuff, downloading something and typing in the password, or signing up to be a "Premium user". Now, my next post will be passwords for access to these parts of the site so you don't have to go through the trouble for signing up for anything, downloading, or buying anything, and every time I get a new password I'll just add it to the same post, so when your password expires and you need a new one, you can just check back here, aight? eSpin round and round, everybody!