Sunday, April 16, 2006

Passwords Unlocked

When you click on a feature that says "Unlock", you will be expected to sign up, download, or buy something. This... is a pain in the ass- I know this because I've done these so you guys can get the passwords. Click on "Unlock" so you get to the page with a whole bunch of green buttons to the left side and an orange one at the bottom, with the text this one -->. Clicking "this one -->" will put you through the process of one of those annoying three. Click on any one of them (as long as you see them below in my password list), and type the password it asks for in the right-hand side. This will save you time, storage, RAM, and/or money.

Example: See the one that says "My Fun Cards"? Click the button to the left of that. Then there should be "...a more [password form here] web..." (passwords subject to change, duh). If it says, "... a more [password form here] web..." type in "enhanced", then click the "Submit" button. You will now have access to whatever feature it was that you signed up for.

So, here we go!

April 16th, 2006
∙ "Ringtones" = if question asks "Click 'N [password form]", then password=Pick. (I actually just guessed at this one, luckily, because it was the only thing I could think of that would rhyme, plus it asked you to "pick" ringtones. I didn't have to download anything, and still got the feature I wanted. Adults are not very creative, but they think they're very witty. :-( *shakes head* This helped me get the notepasser feature.)
∙ "Jamster" = if question asks "it to your [password form]", then password=cell. (Not only are adults not very witty, but they also don't seem to be very resourceful. I don't have a cell phone, so I couldn't have downloaded any ringtones to one, so instead I just looked throughout the FAQs and checked every page with the quote "to your" and entered all the following words that came after them. Well, "to your cell phone" was in the FAQ, so I entered "cell", and... imagine that! It worked... :-\ I tell you, adults are so internet-stupid these days...)


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